Sunday, October 24, 2010

Anchoring Dimensional Stone

The Marble Institute of America (MIA) is an industry association that is "Setting the Standards in the Natural Stone Industry". As stated on their website "The MIA is the largest trade association in the world to represent the dimension stone market, and for over 65 years, it has been the leader in providing advocacy, networking, marketing/publicity, information/education, professionalism and stone craftsmanship."

Periodically the MIA issues Technical Bulletins relating to subjects pertinent to the design and construction of natural dimension stone. Generally only available to the MIA membership, a free download titled "Dimension Stone Anchorage Theory, Practice, & Components" is being featured on Architecture Week's website this month. Click on the link below and check it out!

As stated on the Architecture Week's website, this is "a technical bulletin on the practice of mechanically anchoring dimension stone. Prepared as a general guide for tradespeople, the bulletin provides valuable insight about how stone-anchorage devices interface with the stone panels and the building structure. Common anchorage devices are discussed, as well as some guidance about why certain anchor device selections may be more appropriate than others in particular situations."

If you find that the anchorage information in the MIA technical bulletin is valuable to you may want to purchase the Dimension Stone Design Manual, VII. This is the stone industry's single source reference for dimensional stone design and construction facts and details and in my opinion an invaluable resource.

The Dimension Stone Design Manual, VII is available for purchase by MIA members as well as non-members. You can purchase online from the MIA website. You will find a more detailed description and links to the MIA online store by clicking in the following link.

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